Plane Masters

Episode 2: Holy Trinity

The Masters discover a cool new religion.

On the outskirts of Pignawl, the Masters hear a woman screaming from a house just off the main road. Upon investigating, they find thuggish local soldiers trying to kill the woman in the house. When the soldiers refuse to stop, the Masters get into a fight with them and are victorious.

A running joke throughout this episode is that during the skirmish, which took place all over this property, the small door to the woman’s shed was especially durable, wounding both the Masters and soldiers whenever they tried to break it down, and protecting whoever was on the other side of the door. Following the battle, the door was removed from its hinges, and Master Jackosan now carries the wood-and-metal door around as a durable shield, which can deflect attacks to it and even damage opponents.

Master Jackosan is able to calm the woman down, and she explains that she belongs to a religion that worships three deities, a religion which is being oppressed by many, including the soldiers. The woman believes that the Masters are somehow harbingers and fit into the religion somehow, and gives them religious, magical relics she possesses, and also directs them to a wise man in Pignawl who will help them on their quest.

After getting into a barfight in Pignawl, the Masters finally visit the Wise Man, who tells them more about this religion, and helps them train and gain more skills.



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