Plane Masters

Episode 2: Holy Trinity
The Masters discover a cool new religion.

On the outskirts of Pignawl, the Masters hear a woman screaming from a house just off the main road. Upon investigating, they find thuggish local soldiers trying to kill the woman in the house. When the soldiers refuse to stop, the Masters get into a fight with them and are victorious.

A running joke throughout this episode is that during the skirmish, which took place all over this property, the small door to the woman’s shed was especially durable, wounding both the Masters and soldiers whenever they tried to break it down, and protecting whoever was on the other side of the door. Following the battle, the door was removed from its hinges, and Master Jackosan now carries the wood-and-metal door around as a durable shield, which can deflect attacks to it and even damage opponents.

Master Jackosan is able to calm the woman down, and she explains that she belongs to a religion that worships three deities, a religion which is being oppressed by many, including the soldiers. The woman believes that the Masters are somehow harbingers and fit into the religion somehow, and gives them religious, magical relics she possesses, and also directs them to a wise man in Pignawl who will help them on their quest.

After getting into a barfight in Pignawl, the Masters finally visit the Wise Man, who tells them more about this religion, and helps them train and gain more skills.

Episode 1: Down the Slide
The first outing in a new fantasy world...

Rob, Jack, and Winston were hanging out in the boring town of Dover Plains, dissatisfied with their dull lives. Part of this was because they were the reincarnated versions of heroes in the Old Universe, who fought hard to ensure that that this New Universe was a safe and peaceful one. The three friends were vaguely aware of their past selves, as their souls yearned for something more than a banal normal life…

Adventure happened to find them when their hometown was hit with a serious of gruesome murders near and around the local park. The giddy friends investigated, determining to their surprise that the killer was not human. The deadly creature soon attacked them, and they were forced to kill it, although they were not sure what they had just encountered. Following the tracks of the beast, they located a portal in the depths of the park, from which the beast had arrived on Earth.

Yearning for adventure, and taking responsibility for their past selves’ role in the start of the current universe, the 3 friends opted to go inside the portal to sort out the dramatic ramifications of the possibility of dangerous portals opening on Earth. After some preparations, they went in, the weak portal closing behind them.

The 3 friends soon came upon a village, the village of Winegald, which was under attack by a horde of Savage Orcs, one of which had found its way into the portal to Dover Plains. The villagers could strangely all speak English (“the common language” as they called it), and the 3 friends were able to communicate with the villagers in hiding as the Savage Orcs and their Dragon were running amok.

The three offered their help at Winegald Castle, where the local leader, Count Silverin, accepts their offer and hastily furnishes them with weapons and armor. As Jack and Winston head outside to deal with the enemies, Rob inspects the resources of the castle to see what he can use against the Orcs and their Dragon. Winston and Jack fight off most of the Orcs, and the remaining Orcs flee the area, but the Dragon is still wreaking havoc, destroying part of the village. Jack and Winston brashly try to fight the dragon but are forced to flee as the Dragon is too powerful for their direct attacks. Assessing the situation, Rob finds a catapult in the nearby castle and aims it towards the dragon, using it to launch himself. He lands on the dragon’s back, and from there is able to attack its weak points at its head and throat with the sword. rob tries to reason with the dragon, not wanting to kill it, but it is too feral, and Rob attacks its weak points, greatly weakening it, and Jack and Winston move in for the kill, vanquishing the dragon.

Following this, the three friends decide to take up the names of their past selves, the heroes of old known as the Superior Masters: Master Rob, Master Jackosan, and Master Winston.

The townspeople celebrate the bravery and victory of the 3 friends, who are seen as a godsend since Winegald did not have many warrior or fighters in the village at all. Winston mingles with the townspeople and gladly takes heaps of treasure, while Jack gets lucky with a random girl he meets who admires him. Rob goes back to the count and asks for resources, and the Count agrees, giving him access to the Castle library, where Rob goes to learn about their new world, which the 3 friends decide to call the “Otherworld.” Rob also, with the assistance of the Count, starts to learn about magical arcane power. Nothing Rob finds, and no townspeople or any other monsters, know why the portal was there. According to some people and books, sometimes on rare occasions, portals just show up, as just a random spatial glitch.

According to the Count, a new dark force has descended onto the greater kingdom of Wildergard, disturbing the natural order. The Savage Orcs, while not to be messed with, are usually not the type to just attack villages unprovoked. According to the Count, rumors from the south speak of an evil conqueror named Usa who has upset Wildergard’s natural balance. The Count theorizes that this Usa may be responsible for the portal.

Winston meets up with Rob, but the two find that Jack is in chains being dragged to the castle dungeon, as it turns out the girl he bedded was the underage daughter of Count Silverin. Rob and Jack manage to negotiate with the Count to release Jack, on the condition that the three of them are banished from Winegald.

The Count points them in the direction of where Usa might be, leading them to the next closest town, the town of Pignawl.

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